In this section you will learn about the different types of palms and cuts on all of our soccer goalkeeper gloves. We hope this information helps you to choose the soccer glove that is right for you.


CONNECT GRIP (CG): Connect Grip is a grip with a high quantity of pure German latex (4 mm). This gives the glove a professional quality grip in dry weather, a good grip in wet weather and a good resistance to abrasions, taking into account the high amount of natural latex. Connect grip is pre-activated meaning that from the first use, you will have excellent grip without the need to wash the palm. 

Quality: Competitive/Professional

DUO GRIP: Duo Grip has a layer of latex on the exterior of the palm (4 mm of pure German latex) in direct contact with the ball. As well as a layer of latex on the inside of the glove, which has direct contact with your hand. The layer of latex in direct contact with your hand helps to cushion the ball, makes blocking strong shots less painful and it also molds to your hand, holding it in place so that your hand does not move during the game. This type of grip cannot be easily found in Canada, especially at our price range. Furthermore, many professional goalkeepers use this type of grip.

Quality: Elite/Professional

GIGA GRIP (GG): Giga Grip is a high quality pure German latex usually formed using 3.5 mm of the material. Giga Grip is the best all around grip. Even though, it may use less natural latex than Connect Grip, it still offers a professional quality grip. Furthermore, Giga Grip is the most complete grip for all weather as it performs excellently in dry weather as well as in wet weather. 

Quality: Competitive/Professional 

AQUALOVE (AQ): Aqualove is a special grip designed for wet conditions. Aqualove is excellent when it is raining or if the surface is wet.  It provides a similar grip in wet conditions than that of Giga Grip in dry conditions. Aqualove grip can also be easily used in dry conditions as it provides an excellent grip all around. 

Quality: Competitive/Professional 

MEDIUM SOFT (MS): Medium Soft latex is a quality latex made of a mix of pure latex, synthetic latex and foam. It is usually formed using 2 mm of pure latex and the rest of the glove is made of synthetic materials. This glove is excellent for high intensity training sessions or non-professional games. The higher amounts of synthetic latex in the glove, give it more resistance to abrasions and the gloves last a longer time. The grip on of this latex in dry weather is good, the grip is adequate in wet weather and as mentioned the glove has a very good resistance to abrasion. 

Quality: Competitive


Now lets take a look at the different TYPES OF CUTS on our gloves:


NEGATIVE CUT: The negative cut is an excellent glove for goalkeepers looking for a tight fitting glove. Though a glove that uses the negative cut looses surface area, the glove will adjust very well to your hand, meaning that the glove will respond to your every movement. The negative cut is a preferred cut by many professionals.
ROLLFINGER 2.0 CUT: The Rollfinger 2.0 cut is very similar to the typical Rollfinger cut. The only difference is that the cut is only Rollfinger on the fingertips while the rest of the finger is a flat cut. This takes away from the pressure on your fingers, though you loose a little bit of surface area. The Rollfinger 2.0 is a great mix of comfort and efficiency.
FLAT CUT: The Flat cut is the typical cut. The Flat cut brings back memories of the gloves that used to be worn in the 90s and early 2000s. The Flat cut is a very comfortable cut and provides a good amount of surface area to work with. Similar to the negative cut, the flat cut will mold to your fingers quite well.
ROLL-FLAT: The Rollfinger Flat hybrid cut combines great surface area as well as comfort. The Rollfinger cut is used on the thumb, index and pinky finger giving a lot of surface area on all the fingers that are crucial for catching the ball. The flat cut is used on the middle and ring fingers which are the responsive fingers. The flat cut will mold quite well to your hand.
ROLL-NEGATIVE: The Rollfinger-Negative hybrid cut, is very similar to the ROLL-FLAT cut with the major difference being that a negative cut is used on the middle and ring fingers instead of a flat cut. Due to this, the glove will become very tight, like a second skin and will take on the shape of your hand.