CAOS Elite - The Star of 2020.

It is an exciting day for goalkeepers, because the SP Futbol Keepest Soccer Goalkeeper Glove Collection has arrived in Canada and North America. The SP Keepest Collection will be available to all GKlub members (Don't forget to register for FREE to have access to this collection).

In this blog post, we will go over the SP CAOS line in the Keepest collection.

SP Futbol CAOS Elite Q-block CHR Goalkeeper Glove : 

SP CAOS Elite, an absolutely professional oriented soccer goalkeeper glove. Even though in the CAOS soccer goalkeeper glove line, we have three professional grade gloves, the SP CAOS Elite is the most crafted and polished glove.
The SP CAOS Elite Q-block soccer goalkeeper glove is an amazing glove for goalkeepers looking for a balanced glove. The CAOS goalkeeper glove line was launched last summer (July of 2019) and combined SP Futbol's previous two top goalkeeper gloves, the Mussa Pro and the Odin II Elite. As well, new technologies such as the AirPrene closure were included to make this glove an absolutely professional quality goalkeeper glove. The backhand of this glove is more armed, while the palm uses a modern extended negative cut, providing a balanced feeling. The latex used on this glove is Q-block, 4mm of pure German latex that incorporates Quartz particles for added grip.
Other Gloves In The CAOS Line :
This is the SP CAOS Elite Aqualove + Goalkeeper Glove. It has all the same technologies as the Q-block model (Above), but has an adapted palm for wet or humid conditions. This palm is the Aqualove + palm, 4mm of pure German latex that is highly porous.  By all means, can you still use this glove in dry conditions as it gives an amazing grip, but it may degrade quicker.
The CAOS Air Pro soccer goalkeeper glove combines the concepts of the CAOS Elite and the No Goal Zero Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Glove. It is a seamless and strapless soccer goalkeeper glove that is ideal for goalkeepers that want a light, modern goalkeeper glove that is a little bit more reinforced than the No Goal Zero Pro. This glove uses a hybrid Rollfinger - Negative cut, giving a tight sensation with good blockage / surface area. The latex on this glove passes from Q-block to connect grip, a professional grade German latex that is pre-activated and mounted in 3.5 mm.
The SP CAOS Strong goalkeeper glove is the ideal glove for fans of the previous Mussa Strong or Odin II Elite soccer goalkeeper glove. It is a highly armed soccer goalkeeper glove that incorporates DUO technology (a sheet of latex inside, on the palm of the glove that increases cushioning by fifty percent). It uses a Rollfinger 2.0 cut that is ideal for goalkeepers who are looking for surface area and comfort in their gloves. Combined with an extra long rippled closure and 3.5 mm of pure German Connect Grip latex, this is a great glove for Canadian goalkeepers that are more traditional, but who still value modern technologies.
Now you know the SP CAOS goalkeeper glove line. Its diversity in cuts, armed levels and design make sure that there is a goalkeeper glove for any goalkeeper in this family.
If you want to purchase any of the SP CAOS soccer goalkeeper gloves, be sure to gain the GKlub. Membership for a whole year is free and you will gain access to the latest SP soccer goalkeeper gloves and products. 

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