Our topic today is how to clean and prolong the useful grip of your goalkeeper gloves.  By following the points in this post, you will prolong the important aspects of the glove such as grip and cushioning. 

Important Points:

1) When using your soccer gloves, try to keep them moist. It is like flipping a page in a book. It is much easier once you lick your finger. When moisturizing your gloves, mist them with water, do not soak or completely wet them. Try to moisturize the palms of your gloves 20-30 minutes before a game, rub the palms together and then let them sit until kick off. By doing this, you are going to activate the pores in the latex and this will increase grip on all gloves, especially on gloves that have been used multiple times.

3) Right after using your soccer gloves, take a smooth face cloth and wet it. Use clean warm water or a soap/gel that is made specifically for cleaning goalkeeper gloves. Gently stroke the face cloth across the palms of your gloves to remove dirt and dust particles. Do not rub too hard, this could cause the latex to degrade/tear, thus resulting in the opposite of a prolonged grip.

2) After cleaning your gloves, let them sit in a dry and ventilated area, where they are not exposed to direct sunlight. On a sunny summer day, your back yard could be the ideal place to let your gloves ventilate. By ventilating your goalkeeper gloves, any left over moisture and sweat will evaporate thus reducing any foul scents.

Do Not:

- Never machine wash/dry your gloves. You must clean your gloves by hand.

- Do not use dish soap or any other solution other than a soap/gel that is specific for washing goalkeeper gloves to clean your gloves.

- Do not leave your gloves outside to ventilate on a windy or rainy day.

- Do not spray deodorizers on the palm of your goalkeeper gloves or on the inside of gloves that feature DUO technology. 

If you follow these simple precautions, you should be able to prolong the useful grip and quality of your goalkeeper gloves.

We hope that this post helps to clarify how you can take care of your goalkeeper gloves and how to prolong the grip. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below. 



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