Today, we had an interview with one of our professional goalkeepers, Jan-Michael Williams. He is currently the Halifax Wanderers starting goalkeeper. Jan has had an illustrious career and he is one of the most capped players for Trinidad and Tobago and was nominated multiple times for the Concacaf goalkeeper of the year where he placed third twice, behind Memo Ochoa (Mexico) and Tim Howard (USA). Jan is an exceptional goalkeeper and we are very excited to share his answers with you.

We asked Jan-Michael twelve questions about goalkeeper gloves, himself and other professional goalkeepers. Continue reading to learn more about Jan Michael.


Topic I, personal questions:


How have you been enjoying your first year in the CPL?

This first year of the CPL has been a very exciting and eye-opening one for me. I must say a special thanks to the organizers and all the people behind the scenes who would have worked tirelessly to make this league a reality. It has definitely been an exhilarating experience so far.

Do you have any pre-game/game day routines?

Pregame routines differ with flights and time of day etc. Basically I just look at tapes of the opponent and I like to look at saves from top goal keepers in the world to get ready for a match.

What has been the hardest part of the CPL for you?

The ABSOLUTE hardest part of the CPL is the travelling. Before coming here, I was completely unaware that Canada was this huge. Away trips are difficult and it's important to take extra care of your body, especially at my age (34 years old). However, I wouldn't trade it for the world because everywhere I've gone to in Canada so far possesses its own unique type of beauty.

After being here in Canada for six months, what has been your favourite part of Canada?

Without a doubt Halifax, Nova Scotia is my favourite part of Canada. The people here are warm and welcoming (unlike the weather at times) and we definitely have the best fans in Canada. Some of the views and sights here simply astonishing. The food is also is great, nothing that beats a good Donair.


Topic II, goalkeeper gloves:


You have used the No Goal Zero Pro, No Goal IX Siroco Pro, Serendipity Pro and the CAOS Air lines. Which has been your favourite?

For me, the CAOS Air line is the absolute best match day glove I've used so far. The grip is unreal in both wet and dry conditions. I love the Serendipity for training. It' perfect. Especially training on synthetic surfaces. It is durable and also has a great grip.

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What are the best gloves you have ever worn?

Best gloves for me is about each goalkeeper's preference. I've had bad experiences with both Nike and Adidas gloves so I stay far away from them. I like Rinat and Sells. Now I'm a fan of SP. I never wear gloves that I don't really like.

Topic II, favourite goalkeepers:



In your opinion, who is the best shot stopper in the world?

All top level goalkeepers are great shot stoppers. A lot of it is down to personal preference. I personally enjoy Handanovic from Inter Milan, Oblak from Atletico Madrid and Navas from PSG.

In your opinion, which goalkeeper has the best distribution in the world?

In terms of distribution, I think that it is a bit more obvious. I think Allison from Liverpool and Ederson from Manchester city are above the rest. Pickford is up there also, but not quite at the same level.

Right now, who do you think that the best all round goalkeeper in the world is? As well at this moment, who do you think the world's best goalkeeper is?

The best all-round goalkeeper and the best goalkeeper right now should be be the same. For me, Allison and Ter Stegen are leading the pack. There are others who have their hats in the ring but for me, these two are continuing to show their class week in, week out.

Who who do you think the best goalkeeper of all time/who is your favourite goalkeeper?

The best goalkeeper EVER, for me is Gianluigi Buffon. I grew up with him. He's my idol. Great role model on and off the field. Not the mention the countless breathe-taking saves he has made in his career. I must say however, I am equally a fan of San Iker Casillas. Amazing goalkeeper in his time and definitely someone I payed close attention to coming up in my own world of goalkeeping.


We hope that you enjoyed reading through our interview with professional goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams. Please feel free to leave any comments or contact us at if you have any questions. 




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