SP has created a buzz amongst its fans, thanks to their newest model the SP No Goal Zero. SP Futbol has joined the trend formed by other brands by creating seamless and strapless gloves as seen in the photo below.

Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper, Iago Herrerín has been wearing a prototype of the SP No Goal Zero Glove in many matches and training sessions. After the trial these are Herrerin's glove of choice! Other professional goalkeepers such as, Alvaro Raton, of Real Zaragoza are now wearing these gloves too. 

Pedro Mayo, former goalkeeper of A Coruna, has provided an overview of the new SP Goal Zero Glove. Mayo states, "the first thing that stands out when picking them up is its lightness." Furthermore he has said that "the No Goal Zero is a star in SP Futbol's latest collection." This is the reason why SP Futbol considers this glove a logical evolution of the No Goal line. The seamless technology has met the goal of creating a very light glove that fits as a second skin. SP Futbol has got rid of all the backhand elements and left it totally "naked". The material that makes up this model is, "Latex Body" as SP has called it. This material is excellent for the No Goal Zero model as it gives a lot of support to the hand, it's very light and unlike other materials, it allows SP Futbol to inject the glove with anti-sliding gel to make sure your fingers don't move during play.

Pedro Mayo - Ex. Spanish 2b. goalkeeper and SP Futbol Global Brand Manager

One of, if not the most important parts of any goalkeeper glove is the palm. The No Goal Zero glove uses SP's most successful latex, Giga GripGiga Grip has a high concentration (over 80%) of pure German Latex. This latex is excellent as it provides excellent grip in dry conditions, good grip in wet conditions and has a good resistance to abrasion considering it's high amount of natural latex. Furthermore, on the interior of the palm SP has injected anti-sliding gel on the fingertips. This keeps your finger locked in place during the game so they are not sliding up and down like in other gloves.

You may be wondering what makes the SP No Goal Zero Glove different from other SP and other brands' gloves. The main aspect that differentiates the SP No Goal Zero Glove is the detachable wrist strap. For more classic goalkeepers just looking for a lighter glove, you can still use the wrist strap, a thin elastic strap just like the old No Goal Models. For adventurous goalkeepers, you can pull the strap off and because of the Latex Body technology, the glove will mold to your hand. Iago Herrerín of Athletic Bilbao prefers to wear this glove without the wrist strap!  Either way you decide to use the wrist strap on this glove, you will be sure to experience a tight fitting glove that molds to the shape of your hand.


To find a great quality glove at an affordable price is very difficult. Normally a seamless and strapless glove costs upwards of $200,00. The SP No Goal Zero Glove is an excellent glove, with many innovative features (such as anti-sliding gel, Latex Body) at under half the cost of other strapless gloves which makes it a great option for all goalkeepers playing from amateur to professional levels in Canada.      

It is not easy to create a glove like the SP No Goal Zero. To create a glove like this, presents many challenges, especially finding a light material that also provides enough support to put up with the challenges faced by goalkeepers. We at GoKeepers hope that you enjoy the SP No Goal Zero Glove as we firmly believe that it is an excellent glove at a great price!

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