At GoKeeper, we are very excited to introduce SP's 2019 winter glove collection! This collection includes many different types of cuts, materials and styles for every goalkeeper. In this post, we will give a very brief description of each glove that forms a part of SP's 2019 winter glove collection. Seeing that SP is a Spanish brand and before GoKeeper they almost solely operated in Spain and Europe, SP decided to name all the gloves after common winds that are found in the Iberian Peninsula during the winter. This was the inspiration for the colour of the gloves.


The first glove and the glove that many of SP's professional goalkeepers wear is the SP MUSSA STRONG TRAMONTANA. The MUSSA STRONG gloves all feature professional level technologies such as duo latex. Duo latex means, 4 mm of pure German latex on the exterior of the glove as well as a layer of latex on the interior of the palm which is in direct contact with your hand. This improves cushioning of the ball and since the latex will mold to the shape of your hand, it will prevent your hand from moving during play. This is very important as this technology is not widely available in Canada especially at the price range of the MUSSA STRONG glove. The MUSSA STRONG glove also features SP's tech wrist. An extra long neoprene closure with a Lycra opening to put the hand in and out with ease. The ripples on the closure adapt to each of your movements making the glove very comfortable. The MUSSA STRONG glove cut is a roll-flat cut as these are the only cuts that support duo latex. The latex on this glove is SP's elite latex, connect grip.



The next glove in SP's 2019 winter collection is the PANTERA ORION GALERNA glove. Like the MUSSA STRONG, this is a professional/competitive level glove. It features many technologies such as injected gel on the backhand as well as anti-sliding gel on the fingertips. The PANTERA glove features a rollfinger 2.0 cut on  Giga Grip (professional level) latex. Note that the PANTERA glove also features an aqua glove, with Aqualove latex, ideal for dry and also wet conditions. The fastening on the gloves is an elastic wristband with two Velcro fastening points ensuring a tight fit.




Next in SP's collection, is the NO GOAL ZERO glove. The NO GOAL ZERO is the most modern glove that SP has ever created. The NO GOAL ZERO glove is a seamless glove that has a detachable wrist band thus making it strapless as well. The single piece on the backhand, latex body molds to the shape of your hand creating a tight fit which is very comfortable. SP has injected anti-sliding gel on the fingertips to lock your hand in place. Mounted on the world's most popular cut, the negative cut, the SP NO GOAL ZERO glove also uses GIGA GRIP (GG) for  professional performance in all weather conditions. This is the choice glove of Iago Herrerin of Athletic Bilbao.




The next glove, No Goal IX is similar to the last glove but with a few twists that dramatically change the feel of the glove. Like the No Goal Zero, the No Goal IX is seamless and the backhand is made of latex body. But unlike the No Goal Zero, it has more injected gel on the backhand to provide resistance to abrasion and a very strong punching zone. The palm on this glove is a negative cut with the professional grade latex, GIGA Grip. The closure on this glove is elastic with a latex strap, this type of closure is easy to adjust to your liking.



Up next are the women's gloves in SP's 2019 winter collection. We have decided to bring in two pairs of the EARHART PRO collection in different colours. The first is the Earhart Aliseos Pro in a blue/orange colour and the second, the Noelia Ramos Earhart Pro in a fuchsia and turquoise colour. These gloves have several features that are specific to many women such as: slimmer fingers and a slimmer wrist closure. This makes sure that your hand stays locked in place and does not move during the match. Furthermore, SP has injected anti-sliding gel in the fingertips. The backhand of the glove is a single piece of latex. The palm of these gloves are in a Roll-Negative cut, incorporating the professional grade Giga Grip latex. Many professional female goalkeepers in Europe use these gloves such as the goalkeepers of Sevilla, Barcelona, Zaragoza and many more.



We at GoKeeper hope that you enjoy SP's 2019 glove collection as it is a collection with a lot of innovative technologies, really nice designs and at affordable prices. 

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