SP CAOS ELITE Goalkeeper Glove
SP CAOS ELITE Goalkeeper Glove
SP CAOS ELITE Goalkeeper Glove
SP CAOS ELITE Goalkeeper Glove

SP CAOS ELITE Goalkeeper Glove

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The SP CAOS Elite Goalkeeper Soccer Glove can simply be defined as a goalkeeper glove oriented to professional soccer. Before CAOS, there was the Odin Elite and the Mussa goalkeeper glove line, but what really was SP's top goalkeeper glove. With the birth of CAOS, there is no longer any doubt. In the development of CAOS, SP took all the best features from the Mussa and Odin lines and combined them to make one outstanding glove. The SP CAOS Elite goalkeeper glove is a light-medium armed glove. The backhand mounted in an extended negative cut makes for a light and tight sensation, whilst the natural latex on the backhand gives the glove a more armed feel. The CAOS is the ideal glove for competitive goalkeepers that want a balanced glove that will give them a professional performance.

Please see the performance rates for this glove, below:

The SP CAOS Elite soccer goalkeeper glove is assembled with Qbock (QB) latex; over 80% of the palm is made of natural German latex. This latex was designed to meet the needs of top quality professional goalkeepers, both in dry and wet conditions. The key point of the palm is its high porosity and percentage of natural latex, around 80%. Furthermore, quartz particles are spread out across the palm which will provide an even greater grip.

QB - Qblock Rankings:

Dry Condition Adherence: 10

Wet Condition Adherence: 9

Ball Cushioning: 8

Abrasion Resistance: 5

Main characteristics of this soccer goalkeeper glove:

  • This gloves gives a light sensation on the palm while the backhand is more armed.
  • This glove uses an extended negative cut. This means a negative cut on most of the finger, but the finger tip is wrapped with latex (similar to rollfinger) to provide more sensibility and surface area.
  • This glove uses pure German latex on the backhand for a balanced feeling. This makes the backhand feel more armed.
  • The backhand features multiple burnt in points of flexion.
  • This soccer goalkeeper glove uses a natural latex strap to increase surface area and grip.
  • This soccer goalkeeper glove uses AirPrene in the closure for a good lockdown and to facilitate putting the glove on and taking it off. 
  • The latex comes down all the way to the end of the glove (with High Frequency) to help put the glove on.
  • This gloves has a thin gel in the knuckle area to increase distance on punches.
  • This glove has anti sliding gel on the fingertips to keep the fingers in place during play.
  • An air mesh has been used between the fingers to regulate temperature.
  • QBLOCK latex.