Blue goalkeeper glove for women
Backhand of a soccer glove for women
Side of a blue goalkeeper glove with elastic fastening strap and  Velcro closure.
Palm of a soccer glove for women with professional performance  latex and a  Hybrid rollfinger + negative cut
Backhand of a soccer glove for women with a single-piece and seamless latex body


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SP's Earhart glove is a professional quality goalkeeper glove for women. What makes this glove different from many of the goalkeeper gloves that women wear in Canada? The main difference is that SP uses professional female goalkeepers in the design, development and testing of these gloves. The SP Earhart glove has been designed taking the consideration and input provided by top female soccer goalkeepers like Noelia Ramos (Sevilla FC), Esther Sullastres (Deportivo La Coruna Feminino), Andrea Paraluta (UD Levante) and many others.  Based on their feedback, SP created a glove that adapts perfectly to the shape of the female hand increasing their performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

Please see the performance rates for this glove, below: 

The Earhart Glove is assembled with GigaGrip (GG) latex; over 75% of the palm is made of natural German latex. The high porosity of this compound enables the glove to deliver an outstanding performance both in dry and wet conditions. The glove has 3.5 mm latex layer + 4 mm foam layer.

GG - GigaGrip Rankings:

Dry Condition Adherence: 9

Wet Condition Adherence: 8

Ball Cushioning: 8

Abrasion Resistance: 6

Main characteristics of this soccer goalkeeper glove:

  • Professional performance Gigagrip (GG) latex.
  • A slimmer cut with a Hybrid rollfinger + negative cut.
  • Anti-sliding gel on the fingertips.
  • A slimmer closure so your wrist stays locked in place.
  • Seamless latex body and textile  protecting the weakest points of the hand.