Black and green pair of Mussa Gloves for sale in Canada
Black 2018 Mussa Goalkeeper glove says "SP" on the backhand
Side of a Pro Mussa goalkeeper glove with extra-long neoprene wristband
Professional black SP Mussa glove showing the palm with double latex layer in the palm
Backhand of the Mussa Glove with gel injected into the knuckle zone


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The STAR of the 2019 winter collection is the Mussa glove. The word Mussa means inspiration, exactly how Canadian goalkeepers wearing this glove will feel. The Mussa Strong is sturdier than ever thanks to the DUO technology that includes a double latex layer in the palm. The pre-activated Connect Grip latex provides maximum grip without the need of using or washing them to achieve maximum performance. 

Please see the performance rates for this glove, below:

The MUSSA Strong glove is assembled with Connect Grip (CG) latex; over 75% of the palm is made of natural German latex. The high porosity of this compound enables the glove to deliver an outstanding performance both in dry and wet conditions. The glove has 3.5 mm latex layer + DUO + 4 mm foam layer.

CG - Connect Grip Rankings

Dry Condition Adherence: 10

Wet Condition Adherence: 8

Ball Cushioning: 10

Abrasion Resistance: 5

Main characteristics of this soccer goalkeeper glove:

  • Natural latex body which is a thin latex layer is found on the back of the glove.
  • Mounted on a hybrid rollfinger+flat cut.
  • This is a very armed and strong glove.
  • This glove has gel injected into the knuckle zone to increase punching distance
  • Extra-long neoprene wristband with a Lycra opening and a natural latex fastening strap as well as a Velcro closure.
  • DUO technology increases cushioning by 50%.