SP VALOR 99 PRO - Salva
SP VALOR 99 PRO - Salva
SP VALOR 99 PRO - Salva
SP VALOR 99 PRO - Salva
SP VALOR 99 PRO - Salva

SP VALOR 99 PRO - Salva

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This is a remake of the glove that Justo Villar wore when he became SP's first goalkeeper to debut in La Liga in 2009. This is really what brought SP's name to fame in Spain. SP has decided to recreate the glove ten years later, but they have included all the latest technologies such as a top of the line German latex, a seamless structure, a latex backhand and anti-sliding gel. If you are a fan of classic gloves but want new technology this is a great glove for you. 

Please see the performance rates for this glove, below:

The Valor Pro glove is assembled with GigaGrip (GG) latex; over 75% of the palm is made of natural German latex. The high porosity of this compound enables the glove to deliver an outstanding performance both in dry and wet conditions. The glove has 3.5 mm latex layer + 4 mm foam layer.

GG - GigaGrip Rankings:

Dry Condition Adherence: 9

Wet Condition Adherence: 8

Ball Cushioning: 8

Abrasion Resistance: 6 

Main characteristics of this soccer goalkeeper glove:

  • This is a medium armed soccer goalkeeper glove.
  • This soccer goalkeeper glove has a flat/retro cut.
  • The backhand is made of natural German latex over a seamless construction. 
  • The wrist strap is made of natural German latex, increasing surface and blockage area and increasing grip.
  • The backhand presents a very attractive, classic design with contrasting black and white colours.
  • The Valor 99 Pro soccer goalkeeper glove has anti sliding gel on the inside of the palm and on the fingertips, this will help you make sure that your hand stays in place during play .
  • In between the fingers, there is latex to increase surface area and grip.